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Internet Searching Engines
  • Yahoo - the original WWW index.
  • Search.com - multi-search engine
  • Alta Vista - intelligent, comprehensive
  • Lycos - extensive index
  • Google - in depth search engine
  • HotBot - fast search engine
  • WebCrawler Search
  • Magellan - reviewed sites
  • InfoSeek - Netscape's pick
  • Excite - popular search engine
  • TradeWave Galaxy
  • The World Wide Web Worm

Freeware and Shareware on the Internet

  • Download.com - CNET's shareware page

  • Shareware.Com is also the Virtual Software Library.

  • Tucows - the Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software

  • Dave Central Shareware Page

  • Galtware Shareware Zone

  • Stroud's Consummate Internet Apps List

  • The Jumbo Download Network



Help for Web Sites

Doctor HTML
Excellent site for helping to diagnose your site's efficiency - you can go to this site, put in your own URL, and the "Dr." will tell you if you have html errors, structural errors, will analyze your picture and text content to tell you how fast your page downloads, and more.

Promoting Your Page
This site has a lot of good information on marketing your site.

Submit It!
A free service designed to make the process of submitting your URLs to a variety of WWW catalogs faster and easier.

Accept Credit Cards Online - No Merchant Account Needed.  Free Shopping Cart.   Click Here to sign up for FREE.    

Print Stamps Online

Brilliant Compensation

Lead Generator

Help for newbies

If you've never created a web page before, the Webmaster highly recommends that you start here: The Beginner's Guide to HTML.

Need info about loading your webpage? Want to know what tools are available to web developers? Check out the Webmaster FAQ, THE best source for this info.

Need help learning how to surf, send email, etc.? Need instructions for setting up Windows95 or some other OS? Want to check the status of our servers, or check out the latest bulletins from our Tech or Network Operations staff? Click here for our Customer Helpdesk.


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