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So what is E-mail?

E-mail, short for Electronic Mail, is perhaps the most used and useful feature of Internet Access. E-mail allows you to send your thoughts around the globe in a fraction of the time it would take to send the same message via postal mail (aka "snail mail"). While not instantaneous, e-mail is very fast, and can save both headaches and long distance bills.

How does E-mail work?

E-mail works a lot like regular postal mail (just faster!). In order to send e-mail, you need and e-mail "client"--a program designed to do electronic mail.  Netscape Mail for PC users, and Eudora Light for Mac users.  Outlook is available for free on most desktops. Once you've installed your mail client of choice, you'll need to configure it to send and receive Mail. We have step by step setup instructions for all of the popular email clients.

In order to send mail, you'll also need to know someone's e-mail address. While there are e-mail address directories online, many people choose to keep their e-mail address private, the equivalent of having an unlisted telephone number.


Why wait? Move to VitaNovo.net today. With 30,000 access numbers and our high-quality connections, VitaNovo Dial-Up Plans get you online quickly and reliably. With no pop-ups, tools to reduce spam, 24-hour customer support, a, and tons of free web space, you'll have more time for what matters to you.

Chat and Messaging


With our service, you can still use all of your favorite instant messaging programs, such as:
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • ICQ
  • MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo! Messenger

...and many more.

Our services will work with all of the major operating systems and tools, including:
  • All versions of Windows
  • Any flavor of Linux/Unix
  • WebTV
  • Mac OS 8.0 and Up
  • Mac OS X
What else?
Switching Internet providers is easy.

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